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Every transaction fuels growth & development

$BPN has its core features themed at adequately satisfying the community and so we have developed our smart contract to allow all transactions within the organic-growth transaction limits to be carried out with NO TAX.


All big decisions are guided by the community

$BPN has always been community oriented, hence all core decisions to be made will be tendered first to the members of our community before being transpareantly executed.


BPN isn’t a meme token

BPN is currently developing a unique game for it’s community to play and challenge each other for the top score. There will be $BPN rewards for those who top the leaderboards! In addition, we will give back to the community by organizing occasional charity events to support the under-privileged in Africa.


BPN Neko in numbers

All trades are subjected to NO tax. This is aimed at supporting members of our Wakanda community by allowing them conveniently buy and sell within the anti-whale protection trades and wallet margins encoded in our smart contract.

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BPN implemented anti-whale functions into his smart contract for the launch and did not send large amounts of the supply to anyone.


Black Panther Neko is beyond memes. Our developers are working tirelessly behind the scenes to finish up our NFT based gaming software to bring more value to the $BPN.


New here?
Buying BPN is easy

You can download the Metamask app here or Trust Wallet app here. You can also use Metamask on desktop but you need to use Google Chrome and download this extension.

You can also use any other Bep20 compatible wallet in which you own the private keys.

Do not send to an exchange wallet unless $BPN is officially listed on that exchange and has a deposit address.
Cryptocurrencies and tokens are often on different networks known as blockchains.

‍ Since the $BPN token is on Binance Smart Chain you will need to connect your wallet to the Smart Chain if it isn’t already.

‍ It is pretty quick and easy, anyone can do it following some simple instructions.

‍ Connect Trust Wallet to Smart Chain
Connect Metamask to Smart Chain
Before you can actually buy any token on the Smart Chain you must first send some BNB to your wallet. You can send BNB from another wallet including exchange wallets like Binance. It is recommended that you have a Binance account if you don’t already as it can come in handy for things like this. Binance website - Binance App

‍ BNB is needed because every transaction on Smart Chain uses BNB to pay a very small gas fee. You will see the gas fee details when you confirm the transaction in your wallet.

You do not need to pay gas fees when buying a token from a centralized exchange like Binance, you only do on a Decentralized exchange (DEX) like Pancake Swap. Remember you can actually swap any Bep20 token for another. So you can swap $BPN into any other Bep20 token on Pancake Swap at any time.

Just remember you always need a little BNB for gas fees.
Now you have BNB in your wallet you can buy $BPN.

‍ Here is a little more info on how to use Pancake Swap. Pancake Swap guide

‍ One you have bought $BPN you will need to manually add the token to your wallet so that you can see it in there.

‍ Add token to Trust Wallet guide
Add token to Metamask guide

‍ Great, now you have $BPN in your wallet and you can hodl it as we ascend on our space mission! Check out the Moon Map and if you need help or have any more questions that are not answered on this site then chat with us in our Telegram group.


Our route to the moon

  • PHASE 1
    -Community development
    -Website release
    -WhitePaper release
    -Initial marketing effort
  • PHASE 2
    -CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap and Trust Wallet enlistment.
    -Smart contract verification
    -Community events and competitions
    -More marketing from generated funds
    -Certik Audit
  • PHASE 3
    -NFT and Game development
    -Adoption of Use Cases
    -More marketing
    -Top CEX listings
    -Ecosystem diversification.
    -Partnership with charity organizations